GBAtemp community member LeRodeur has updated Diablo2 Sorceress Project to version 1.1.2. This DS homebrew game is a Diablo2 tribute, where you play as a sorceress that must survive an onslaught of zombies. See the change log for what's new in this edition, and be sure to join the on-going discussion to get more information about this project.

QUOTE: Change Log (04/26/12)

For the players:
•Added a menu after splash screens, save/load/controls.

•Npc dialogue (with sound streaming) On

•Questline: small and simple quests. Complete the questline for a special reward

•Finished waypoint menu

•Fixed some display glitches

•Adjusted some skills, firewall/blaze were too powerful

Code improvements:

•Map are now loaded via nitrofs, with text files for config

•Quests can be made easily via a text file

•Sprites/images are now loaded dynamically, it's a bit more clean

•Cleaned some ugly parts of the source code (though there's a lot to do left...)

•Fixed various bugs