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Thread: uLaunchELF v4.07

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    ps2 uLaunchELF v4.07

    New release of the Elf Launcher:

    Heres whats new:

    LaunchELF v4.07 (2006.11.30)
    -Modified MC attribute handling to ensure compatibility of PS1 gamesaves
    -Improved HddManager unmounting, to prevent failure of some partition commands
    -Added new "Debug Info" popup to the "MISC" pseudodrive (its use may vary in future)
    -Extended FileBrowser from 2 display modes to 3
    -Extended FileBrowser from 2 sort modes to 4
    -Added 8 new character definitions to "font_uLE.c", for use as 4 double-width characters, representing the 4 D-Pad buttons
    -Added a new popup menu to FileBrowser, to control the new display and sort modes. The new popup is opened by the button L1, as it obsoletes the old Title ON/OFF functionality
    -Added new LNG definitions to cover all new features
    -Modified initialization of uLE to improve compatibility with SwapMagic ELF launching. These changes allow uLE to find its CNF in the same folder as the ELF when launched on mass: by SwapMagic, despite the incorrect path passed in argv[0] ("mass0:\SWAPMAGIC\"). Note that this is NOT the same modification used in earlier betas, which caused other bugs. This method does not involve IOP reset, and should therefore be bug-free. That has been verified both for exploit booting and the 'back to browser' feature of SMS, which were both bugged by the old method.
    -Shortened the LNG(Modes) lang.h definition of earlier betas to LNG(Mode)
    -Extended HddManager size limit for logical partitions to 128 GB
    -Corrected a bug in HddManager sizeSelector tooltips (missed using an LNG definition)
    -Modified HddManager sizeSelector to use L2/R2 to step partition size -/+ 10 GB
    -Modified tooltips for HddManager sizeSelector to include new features

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