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Thread: A Wii sad story (UK)

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    Rev A Wii sad story (UK)

    Posted earlier, Amazon has revealed that they had some new Wii's in stock and would be selling them today at between 3-4pm (GMT)

    A friend of mine really wanted one, but did not preorder, so i took it upon my self to try and get one... This is my story (a bit boring really)

    2:55- 3.17:

    I waited, constantly refreshing... but it would not change. The site really started to slow down....


    do my eyes deceive me! quick, click it click it, NOW!

    2 milliseconds later

    Ah You Mother fu.....

    The end

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    Hah!, yeah sounds alot like when I tried to get the 360 core system for $200 dollaroos....lousy

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