Carl Kenner has released a new version of his GlovePie Input Emulator which basically supports a lot of different Hardware and enables you to use say a WiiMote Controller as a Gaming Controller on your PC

Heres whats new in this release

Now has a TroubleShooter > BlueTooth Fix menu, which may make it work with other BlueTooth adapters. Note that this won't help if you are still unable to pair the Wiimote without a password..

Heres more details:

GlovePIE stands for Glove Programmable Input Emulator. It doesn't have to be used with VR Gloves, but it was originally started as a system for emulating Joystick and Keyboard Input using the Essential Reality P5 Glove. Now it supports emulating all kinds of input, using all kinds of devices, including Polhemus, Intersense, Ascension, WorldViz, 5DT, and eMagin products. It can also control MIDI or OSC output.

In the GlovePIE window you type or load a simple script. For example to control the WASD keys with a glove:

W = glove.z > -50 cm
S = glove.z < -70 cm
A = glove.x < -10 cm
D = glove.x > 10 cm

You can also use GlovePIE to play Joystick-only games without a joystick, or keyboard-only games with a joystick. Or you can use it to create macro buttons for complex keystrokes.

You can even use it to control multiple mouse pointers with multiple mice.

System Requirements
You will need:

Windows 98 or above (Windows 2000 or above to emulate keys in DirectInput games or use multiple fake cursors - Windows XP or above to get input from multiple mice or keyboards individually or to read some special keys).
DirectX 8 or above.
There is other optional software you might need for certain features. See the download page for links to download them. Joystick emulation requires PPJoy. Speech requires SAPI 5.1 with microsoft recogniser.
You don't need any special hardware.

Hardware Supported
Nintendo Wii Remote (Wiimote)

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