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Thread: DCEmu Dark Alex/Popstation Compatibility List

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    psp DCEmu Dark Alex/Popstation Compatibility List

    OK folks lets make an official Compatability list for the excellent Dark Alex Release which lets you play your OWN Play station games at Full speed on the PSP


    007 Racing = Works (NTSC)


    Abe's Odysee (NTSC) - Works, fullspeed but lag when you kill a converted enemy via doing the convert buttons again.
    Alundra(NTSC)(PAL) = Works
    Arc to Lad II(NTSC) = Works
    Armored Core Master of Arena - Works (NTSC-U)
    Armored Core Project Phantasma - Works (NTSC-U)
    Azure Dreams = Works (NTSC)


    Beyond The Beyond (NTSC-US) = Works
    Blaster Master (NTSC) = Works
    Breath of Fire III (NTSC) = Works
    Breath Of Fire 4 = Works (NTSC)
    Bugs Bunny and Taz Time Busters (PAL) - works but screen cuts off at bottom in full screen mode


    Castlevania (Symphony) = Fullspeed, Perfect Sound (NTSC)
    Castlevania SOTN (NTSC-J) - Works
    Coolboarders 3 (NTSC) works perfect
    Coolboarders 2001 demo (NTSC) does not reach gameplay
    Command And Coquer - Red Alert (PAL) Works (Screen Placement Issue)
    Chocobos Racing(NTSC) = Works
    Chrono Cross = Works (NTSC)
    Chrono Trigger (NTSC) - Major Music Problems*, otherwise fine
    Civilisation II (PAL) - minor graphical glitches
    C-12 Final Resistance = Works (PAL)
    Crash Bandicoot 1 = Works (NTSC)
    Crash Bandicoot 2 = Works (NTSC) [PAL Freezes at BIOS]
    Crash Bandicoot 3 = Works (NTSC)
    Crash Bash (PAL) - Seems to work perfectly, except for pal-ish screen alignment stuff
    Crash Compilation (3-in-1) = Works (NTSC)
    Crash Team Racing (NTSC) = Full Speed, some graphical glitches
    Croc(PAL) - Only very Minor Graphical Glitches. Works Perfect!


    Destrega (NTSC) = Works, fullspeed
    Dead Ball Zone (NTSC) = Works, fullspeed
    Dead Or Alive = Works with special dump (NTSC)
    Destruction Derby (NTSC) = Works
    Diablo = Works (NTSC)
    Discworld (PAL) - major graphical glitches
    Disney's Hercules (NTSC) - works perfectly
    Digimon World (NTSC/U) = Working
    Duke Nukem Time to Kill = Works (PAL)
    Duke Nukem Total Meltdown = Works (NTSC)
    Die Hard Trilogy = Works (NTSC)
    Die Hard Trilogy 2 = Works (NTSC)
    Dino Crisis 2 = Works (NTSC)
    Digimon World = Works (NTSC)
    Digimon World 2(Unknown) = Working Perfect(full Speed)
    Dragon Ball Z Legends (JAP) - Works OK (without CDDA)
    Driver (NTSC) - works but with a lot of graphical errors (tons)
    Driver 2 = Works (NTSC)
    Duke Nukem Time to Kill = Works (PAL)
    Duke Nukem Total Meltdown = Works (NTSC)


    Earth Worm Jim 2 = Works (NTSC)
    Eagle One (PAL) - works perfectly (except graphical screen alignement stuff)
    EHRGEIZ(Unknown) - WorksPerfect speed and sound. slight graphical problems


    Family Game Pack (U) - Perfect
    Fifa '99 = Works (PAL)
    Fighting Force = Works (NTSC)
    Final Fantasy V and VI (both from the Final Fantasy Collection) = Works (NTSC)
    Final Fantasy 6 = Works (NTSC) "From FF Anthology"
    Final Fantasy 7 = Fullspeed, Perfect Sound (NTSC)
    Final Fantasy 7 Demo 1 (PAL) = Woking with few graphic errors, 99% speed, playable
    Final Fantasy 8 = Works (NTSC) (crashes whenever you try to use a spell in battle.)
    Final Fantasty Demo 1 (PAL) - Nothing
    Final Fantasy 9 = Perfect (NTSC)
    Final Fantasy Tactics = Fullspeed, Perfect Sound (NTSC)
    Fishermans Bait 1 (U) - Perfect
    Forsaken (PAL) - start but crash after the intro
    Front Mission 3 (NTSC) - Works
    Frogger 1 (NTSC) = Works, fullspeed
    Frogger 2 (NTSC) = Works, fullspeed


    Guilty Gear = Works (NTSC)
    Gran Turismo 2 (NTSC) Works + "Full Speed"
    Gran Turismo = Works (PAL)
    Grand Theft Auto 2 = Works (PAL)/NTSC)
    Grandia (NTSC) = Works


    Harvestmoon: Back To Nature = Works (NTSC)
    Hoshigami (NTSC) - Works


    Intelligent Qube - NTSC = Works Great
    ISS Pro Evolution Soccer 2 = Perfect (PAL)


    JoJo's Bizzare Adventure = Works (NTSC)
    Jumping Flash 2 = Works with a few graphical bugs (NTSC)


    King's Field = Works (NTSC)
    King of fighters 99(Unknown) = Perftect
    Kileak: The DNA Imperative(NTSC) = Works


    Loaded = Not Working (NTSC)
    Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver = Works, but slight freeze when encountering your first battle (NTSC)
    Legend of Dragoon disc 1 (NTSC-U) - works perfect
    Legend of Mana = Works (NTSC)
    LOADED (NTSC) - Works but no music
    Lomax (Pal) - Works
    Lunar 1 and 2 = Works (NTSC?)


    N2O (NTSC-U) = Works but no music.
    Need For Speed = Works (NTSC)
    Need For Speed 2 = Works (NTSC)
    Need For Speed 3: Hot Pursuit = Works (NTSC)
    NFL Blitz (ntsc)- perfectly working


    Marvel Vs. Capcom (NTSC-U) - doesn't load after splash screen
    Master of Monsters: Disciples of Gaia (NTSC) - works perfectly
    Medal of Honor: Underground = Works (NTSC)
    Medievil 1(PAL) = Works (No Graphical Glitches)
    Medievil 2 = Works Perfect (PAL)
    Megaman Legends(NTSC) = Works, fullspeed, perfect
    MegaMan X4(NTSC) = Works
    Megaman X5(Unknown) = Works, fullspeed
    Megaman X6(Unknown) = Works, fullspeed
    Megaman 8(NTSC) = Works
    Metal Gear Solid = Fullspeed, Perfect Sound (NTSC)
    Metal Slug X = Works (NTSC)
    Monopoly = Works with Screen Problem < This is Prolly cause of PAL!
    Medal of Honor = Works (PAL)/(NTSC)
    Mortal Kombat 4 = Works (NTSC)
    Mortal Kombat Trilogy (NTSC) - works perfectly
    Moto Racer = Works (NTSC)


    Oddword - Abe's Oddysee (NTSC) Works
    Omega Boost = Perfect (PAL-adjust screen in options)


    Pac-Man World [PAL] Fullspeed, Minor Graphic Glitches, but otherwise perfect.
    Pandemonium = Works (NTSC)
    Parappa The Rapper(NTSC)/(PAL) = Works with some text errors
    Parasite Eve(NTSC) = Works
    Parasite Eve II - Not Working (Freezes at "Licensed By Sony Online Entertainment" screen.)
    Persona = Works (NTSC)
    Power Shovel (NTSC) = seems to work perfectly
    Poy Poy = Works [US & JPN]
    Poy Poy 2 = Works [JPN]


    Quake II (NTSC) - perfect [PAL] [ Doesnt work ]

    Raiden Project(Unknown) = Works Perfectly
    Rage Racer = Works (NTSC) Hangs Sometimes
    Ridge Racer = Works (PAL) (screen clipping at bottom)
    Rayman = Works (NTSC)
    Resident Evil 1 = Works (NTSC)
    Resident Evil 2 Fullspeed, Perfect Sound (NTSC)
    Resident Evil 3 Fullspeed, Perfect Sound (NTSC)
    Resident Evil Survivor = Works(Unknown)
    Resident Evil Directors Cut = Works(Unknown)
    Romance of the three kingdoms 6 (NTSC) works
    Rogue Trip (NTSC) = Works, fullspeed
    R-Type Delta = Works (PAL)


    Samurai Showdown : Warrior's Rage II = Works (NTSC-J)
    Soul Blade = Works although not at fullspeed? (NTSC)
    Silent Hill = Works (NTSC)/(PAL)
    Skeleton Warriors (NTSC) - Works but no music
    Spyro The Dragon = Works(Unknown)
    Spyro 2 : Ripto's Rage = Works(Unknown)
    Suikoden = Works (ntsc)
    Suikoden 2 = Works with problems, Music stutters in intro movie. (NTSC)
    Sonic Wings Special = Perfect (PAL)
    Street Fighter Alpha 3 (NTSC) - perfect
    Street Fighter The Movie (The Game) - Freezes after second "Now Loading" Screen
    Strider Hiruy 2 (NTSC-J) = Works
    Syndicate Wars (NTSC) - Works, fullspeed and sound good


    Tales of Destiny = Works (NTSC)
    Tekken 2 = Works (NTSC)
    Tekken 3 = Works Perfect (NTSC)
    Tenchu (NTSC) works
    Tempest X (NTSC) - Works
    The Granstream Saga = Works (NTSC)
    The Hunter (PAL) = Working w/Lots of Graphical Glitches
    The Wheel Of Fortune (U) - Perfect
    Thunderforce 5 (U) - Perfect
    Tecmo's Deception = Works (NTSC)
    The Smurfs = Works (NTSC)
    Tombi = Works (PAL)
    Tombi 2 = Works (PAL)
    Tomb raider (ntsc) - not working: locks after start game
    Time Crisis - Project Titan = Works (NTSC)
    Tobal No. 1 = Works (NTSC?)
    Twisted Metal 1(Unknown) = Works, fullspeed
    Twisted Metal 2 = Works (NTSC)
    Twisted Metal 3 (NTSC) - Works, fullspeed, no music tracks
    Twisted Metal 4(Unknown) = Works, fullspeed
    Twisted Metal Small Brawl(Unknown) = Works, fullspeed|
    Test Drive Offroad = Works (NTSC)
    Treasures of the Deep (NTSC)
    Threads of Fate(NTSC) = Works
    Time Crisis = Works, Screen cut-off a bit from bottom, some graphical glitches. (PAL)


    V2000 (aka Virus 2000) [PAL] -- works, needs vertical screen offset but screen position can be changed ingame.
    Vagrant Story(NTSC) = Works, entering in First Person View it lags a bit.
    Vandal Hearts = Works (NTSC)
    Vib-Ribbon (PAL) - Menu works (Graphic are okay, except bottom of screen gets cut off), but you get an insert disk screen trying to get ingame.


    Walt Disney Worlds Magical Racing Tour (NTSC) - works perfectly
    Warcraft II(PAL) - NOT WORKING (Garbled Sony Image after converting to BIN then PBP)
    Wild9 = Works (NTSC)
    Worms Armageddon (U) - Freezes
    Wu-Tang : Shaolin Style = Works (NTSC)


    Xenogears = Works (NTSC)


    Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories (NTSC) - works perfectly

    Example : Metal Gear Solid(NTSC) = Works
    Example : Soul Blade(PAL) = Freezes after menu
    (but it doesnt really freeze)

    add your Compatability Reports to this thread

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    Azure Dreams NTSC/U - Working
    Digimon World NTSC/U - Working

    Gran Turismo - Working

    Metal Slug X - Working

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    Primal Rage = Works (No Music,but Sound Effects present)
    Resident Evil 3 = Works
    Resident Evil 2 = Both Discs Work
    Spyro The Dragon = Works
    Spyro 2 : Ripto's Rage = Works
    Resident Evil Survivor = Works
    Resident Evil Directors Cut = Works

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    FF7 NTSC - perfect
    FF9 NTSC - perfect except looping bug with some sound effects (anyone else get that?)
    MGS NTSC - perfect
    Crash Team Racing NTSC- full speed, some graphical glitches

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    1. Einhander - Working - Graphics Good, Sound Good, InGame Video/Sound Good
    2. Expendable - Working - Graphics Good, Sound Good, InGame Video Good
    3. RaidenProject - Working - Graphics Good, Sound Good, InGame Video Good
    4. ResidentEvil - Working - Graphics Good, Sound Good, InGame Video Good
    5. SoulBlade - Working - Framerate is smooth but slower than it should be, Sound Crackling high Pitched Whine During InGame Video Playback.
    6. TempestX - Working - Great Game - Plays 100% Reminds me of Lumines and EEE.
    7. TombRaider -game not working - InGame Video Plays Fine.
    8. WipeOut -game not working - InGame Video Plays Fine
    9. WipeOutXL -game not working - InGame Video Plays Fine

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    Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete (NTSC) - Fully Working

    Chrono Trigger (NTSC) - Major Music Problems*, otherwise fine

    The Hunter (PAL) - Working w/Lots of Graphical Glitches

    *This could be due to a bad rip, confirmation anyone?

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    Driver 2 PAL - Not working (from .BIN)
    Final Fantasy 8 PAL - Not working (from .BIN)
    Final Fantasy 8 PAL to NTSC conversion - Gets to the Playstation screen, then blacks out (from .IMG)

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    clock tower 2 ntsc- perfect

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    Final Fantasy tactics NTSC works perfectly:thumbup:

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    Omega Boost = Perfect (PAL-adjust screen in options)
    R-Type Delta = Works (PAL)
    Sonic Wings Special = Perfect (PAL)

    UPDATE:Games tested on 3.03 OEA Compression 9

    Internal Section (ntsc-jp) = works perfect
    RayCrisis (PAL) = works perfect
    Stahlfeder (ntsc) = works perfect
    1945 II (ntsc) = works perfect
    Gunbird (ntsc) = works perfect
    Donpachi (ntsc) = works perfect
    Cowboy Bepop (ntsc) = works
    Shienryu (ntsc) = works perfect
    N2O (ntsc) = perfect,music plays ok (i saw in the list that someone hasn't got music playing,mine is allright)
    Sol Divide (ntsc) = works perfect
    Raiden DX (ntsc-j) (don't mistake with Raiden Project) = works excellent

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