Many of you wait for them, so here are the results of the 2012 Competition Nintendomax Wii Dev . It was again very tight on the podium. first - Hero City 2 by ThatOtherPerson (Canada) 2nd - Kurushi Wii tchagui (France) 3rd - Harmony by Mr. Reaper's Nightmare (USA) 4th - Newo Runner by Owen (Jamaica) 5th - Zombiies by sebskater29 (France) 6th - Wiimon by blabla (France) Congratulations to all participants and jury members who volunteered their time. I invite the first four to contact me via PM to me with their address can not send batches quickly. This year the projects are once again a higher standard than the previous year unfortunately the turnout was he half. I do not guarantee the progress of a possible " Nintendomax Wii Dev Competition 2013 ".