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Thread: Xbox 1 Not Extinct

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    Default Xbox 1 Not Extinct

    Larry Hryb, aka Major Nelson, Microsoft's Xbox Live Director of Programming, has gone on record to deny that recent Xbox shortages are a tactical move on the part of the Seattle giant to pave the way for the next-generation Xbox Xenon.
    Recent days have seen a glut of stories swirl around the net stating that Xbox one was being pulled from shops and that retailers can expect no more deliveries of Uncle Bill's big black box. Reports that the worldwide stock of unsold Xbox units had shrunk to a mere two million and a lack of big name titles on the schedules post-E3 also fuelled the widely spread belief that Microsoft had all but abandoned Xbox one.

    Well not according to Hryb, who writing on his personal website has attempted to slay the rumour dragon. Clearly ready to pull no punches as he hoists the Xbox One standard high, Hryb writes:
    "There are a few stories floating around this vast thing we call the Internet today that say the Xbox has been pulled from retailers. Furthermore, people are saying that we have "reached our targets and want to get ready for the next console. Let me be perfectly clear: We are NOT pulling the Xbox from stores.

    "Xbox consoles being in short supply since they are popular and stopping production are two VERY different issues. Don't believe the mis-information that is filling your browser/inbox/rss feed. Now, back to your regularly scheduled rumor-mongering."

    While Hyrb admits that his blog is "my personal opinion and is not read or approved by anyone before it is posted", it would seem unlikely a senior Microsoft employee would go on record without knowing what he was talking about.

    However it is almost certain that Xbox Xenon will launch before the end of this year so it would seem a natural progression for Microsoft to slowly wind down its stock as it prepares for the key next-generation Christmas launch.

    But what do you think? Should MS send Xbox one the way of all flesh or would you like to see it preserved for posterity and even overlap into the next-gen? Let us know in the forums below...

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    Well, since the new Xbox is coming out soon. I don't think many people will want to buy Xbox 1 anymore. Specially knowing that it will not be 100% backwards compatible:
    Link to article

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