A spokesperson for the company has confirmed it is working on a new tablet device that will be released soon.
Rumours regarding a possible tablet had been circulating for a while, however, the device was confirmed within a recently published report from the company.
The announcement confirmed that a new tablet was on the way and continued to say the device "had something unique to offer," compared to tablet devices currently available.
It would not be the first time HTC adopted a unique approach with their products following last year's HTC Flyer tablet, which included stylus integration but ultimately achieved lacklustre sales.
Confirmation of the new device from the company coincides with a leaked benchmark report for a device from a Taiwanese firm.
The device was listed as having a 1.3GHz nVidia Tegra 3 processor and a screen resolution of 1280 x 752.
Whilst the tablet ran Android 4.0.3 as its operating system during tests, this is likely to change to the latest Android 4.1: Jelly Bean prior to its launch.
Considering its slightly smaller screen resolution, which is lower than the standard for current tablets on the market, it may indicate that HTC will be aiming to push the device into the seven inch market - putting it in direct competition with Goggle's Nexus 7.