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Thread: Control your Windows computer from your Wii!! Mouse and keyboard.

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    Rev Control your Windows computer from your Wii!! Mouse and keyboard.

    via nicholas761

    Control your Windows computer from your Wii!! Mouse and keyboard.
    PART 1-
    Setting Up Your Computer:
    Only do these steps on your computer!!!

    1. Go to on your computer.
    2. Create a free account.
    3. Follow the steps.
    4. Now, log in on their site.
    5. Click on MY COMPUTERS.
    6. Click ADD A COMPUTER
    7. Follow the steps for adding a computer.
    8. Name it whatever.
    9. Make a secure access code(password) for your computer.
    10. It will install the LogMeIn Desktop Software, if not already.
    11. Once your computer is set up, RESTART YOUR COMPUTER!!
    12. Now, go to and log in.
    13. Go to "My Computers"
    14. Click on your computer name.
    15. It'll say: Connecting....
    16. Enter your access code(password) and log in.
    17. Click on "Preferences".
    18. Go to REMOTE CONTROL settings.
    19. Set the the Default Remote Control from Active-X to HTML.
    20. You may want to adjust a few other settings.
    21. Click APPLY.
    22. Click DISCONNECT.
    23. Look in your system tray to the right of the taskbar. Does it have the LogMeIn icon in it? If it does, go to step 24. If it's not there, try steps 4-22 again.
    24. To enable the keyboard for the Wii, click START->All Programs->
    Accessories->Accessibility->On Screen Keyboard

    NOTE: You must do step 24 each time you want to connect fo ra keyboard,
    but you only have to do the other steps ONCE.

    PART 2-
    Connecting with your Wii:
    You must do this every time you want to connect on your Wii.

    1. Make sure your computer is on and LogMeIn is in your system tray.
    2. Go to the Internet Channel Trial Version.
    3. Go to the "type a web address" screen.
    4. Type:
    * Save this site as a favorite for fast access.
    5. Log in.
    6. Go to My Computers.
    7. Click on your computer name.
    8. Let it connect to it. Be patient, this may take a little while.
    9. Type in your access code.
    10. Wait...
    11. Click GO on Remote Control.
    12. It might say that you are connecting with the same computer to this computer and it'll show a picture that won't happen on your Wii. Click
    Connect Anyway.
    This might be because your Wii connects through your router(or USB Connector) to access the Internet, and your computer has the same IP.
    13. It'll load your computer screen!!!!!!!!!

    Click on something with A. Double-Clicking WORKS!!! You'll notice the page will refresh when clicking. The Wii can only get one state of your computer at a time, so you will need to click the refresh icon to see something happening or what you are typing. Luckily, you don't have to click that SMALL refresh button, you can click anywhere to refresh.

    This will work, as I tested it multiple times!! You can even Print documents at your computer!!!!!

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    I have been a logmein fan for a very long time. and when I read this about the ability to actually log in using Opera(wii browser) I was thrilled. BUT, it doesn't work! After the change from Active-x to html I was really hoping that, that was the simple trick that would get logmein to work with Opera. So now I ask... is the browser you were using with the wii a "Opera" powered browser??? Otherwise, yeah it will work but I paid for the Opera one! Hmm, i guess watching NOW movies (Netflix) through the Wii is out of the question too! BOO for getting my hopes up

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    This does work:thumbup: but you can't play any games on it and it takes FOREVER to do anything.

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