Scary games are, as a rule, not for this author. And as youíve probably heard, Slender is VERY scary.
The idea stems from a Something Awful thread where users would Photoshop pictures to insert ghostly images lingering in the background. Over time one figure became increasingly common Ė Slender Man.
Itís on this ghastly fellow that the game Slender is based.
You could say that Slender is an absolutely dreadful experience despite its simplicity. MCV would argue that itís because of it.
The premise is simple. Youíre in a wood. You have a (frankly, crap) torch and youíre looking for eight printed notes scattered around the dark, abandoned level. Your problem is that Slender Man is nearby. And getting ever closer.
As if the setting isnít terrifying enough by itself, picking up the first note kicks in the music. The menacing slow drumbeat is undoubtedly now the soundtrack of many a playerís nightmares.
The defining moment, though, is the first time you catch a glimpse of Slender Man. In the distance. Standing still. Facing you (not that he has a face).
The screen crackles. The dodgy torch. The music. The slow pace. Itís truly horrifying. And a huge testament to indie dev Parsec Productions that the scariest game ever made is also one of the simplest.
Oh, and itís one of the free-est, too. You can download it here. If you really feel you must.