The AtariST emulator for the Dreamcast is now available for Windows and Linux users(Dreamcast Version to follow later), heres some of whats new:

- Supports MSA & ST disks images.
- Mouse & Keyboard Dreamcast supported.
- Mouse is emulated with analog pad + Y,B buttons.
- AutoFrameskip ( if needed) for real speed.
- Joystick is emulated with digital pad + A,X buttons.
- Virtual Keyboard with triggers L-R.
- X button Map a ST-key using X button under Virtual Keyboard.
- ZIP support.
- Filemanager with subdirectories access.
- Complete menu with 'start' button: load, frameskip, reset...
- Crystalline Sound.
- 2 joysticks emulated.
- Under PAL dreamcasts ask 60-50Hz selection.
- 100 % speed and 100 % compatibility

Download from the official site