The latest content patch for Blizzard's massively-popular MMO has landed on live servers ahead of the game's upcoming Mists of Pandaria expansion, which is set for release on September 25th.
As with previous expansions, the patch introduces a whole host of new features into the World of Warcraft franchise, whilst changing and removing others.
Most notably, all of the game's ten playable classes have received a slew of changes, some more extensively than others.
The game's talent system has also undergone major changes for the second expansion in a row, as it has been completely reworked ahead of the Mists of Pandaria expansion to offers players a simpler, more streamlined experience.
There has also been a number of 'quality of life' changes, many of which are features veteran players of the game have been requesting for a long time.
Features such as AOE looting and account-wide mounts and achievements have long been celebrated in other MMO titles and it would appear Blizzard has listened to its die-hard fans by including these within its latest patch.
Whilst becoming the most popular MMO title to date, the franchise has seen subscriber numbers fall in recent months as players migrate to other free-to-play titles.
A drop in player numbers is not uncommon for the franchise however, which regularly acknowledges a decrease in active subscribers towards the end of expansions and the build-up to new ones as players grow tired of running the same end-game content repeatedly.
With today's major content patch and the addition of new features and changes, Blizzard will be hoping that many of its former fans will make their return to Azeroth in time for its Mists of Pandaria expansion.