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Thread: Buzz goes to school

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    ps2 Buzz goes to school

    Sony and Relentless Software have revealed the next instalment in the popular Buzz series - The School Quiz, which is (surprise, surprise) geared specifically towards the school market.

    Combining vanilla Buzz antics with bespoke Key Stage 2 National Curriculum content, The School Quiz features over 5,000 questions based on all areas of the Key Stage 2 Curriculum, including "ancient Egypt" and "weather".

    School Quiz also sports new "teacher features" so that techno-savy school tutors can create their own quizzes and pause, skip and end events as they happen - and then give out merits that you're not really going to write in your diary, but make up at the end of the year so your mum doesn't get angry. Ahem.

    Buzz: The School Quiz is currently being prepared for trial in primary schools nationwide, before being released on PS2 presumably this year.

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