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Thread: Should You Create Your Own Canvas Art?

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    Default Should You Create Your Own Canvas Art?

    Should You Create Your Own Canvas Art?

    Canvas art created from your photos on canvas are not as easily produced as some might like to think. Many people think they can produce their own canvas photo prints successfully, however matching the high standards professional organizations offer is an extremley difficult challenge. While the whole concept behind is actually fairly straight forward, the actual process is complex, expensive equipment and achieveing an immaculate finishe is tricky.

    Many artists create their own canvas prints which is absolutely fine and can even add authenticity to the piece as a whole, however when prints on canvas a refined and high quality product is required, and this is somehting that professioanl companiues can provide. One of the common errors that occurs when attempting to make your own canvas art prints, is to rip the canvas material on the face of the canvas print. This is normally through poor technique when stretching your canvas print and for a very affordable price, it is much easier to let a reputable company stretch your photos on canvas for you. The costs involved when producing your own compared to the prices online, ready stretched are not too different. If you are trying to keep the costs down by making your own wall art print then I would definately recommned going with the pros. However, if you enjoy the process, and prefer the more authentic look, then huve fun creating your wall art!

    Profesional companies like Canvas Prints Online can offer can enhance your photos on canvas by applying a range of styles and effects to your digital image. This is done at very little cost and again, our design team has many years of experience using the computer software that is needed to make your canvas prints look extra special. Therefore you can put trust in our results being of a high standard. Reputable canvas printing companies should offer different wrapping techniques when it comes to your photos on canvas. A standard technique is to use the actual image as wrap around the edges, we canvas also mirror the image if there is not quite enough ti use or we can use a simple and popular white border to wrap around your canvas print. This wrapping techniques all give a wonderful finish to your photos on canvas.

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    I love art I'm actually a little bit of an artist myself. Thanks for posting this.

    When I create canvas photo art. I do it differently. Call it artistic licnse if you will. I first find an acceptable backdrop with color I can match to. Usually a poster from wall mart. Then. I buy milti colors of saran wrap. Preferably the ultra thin kind that is just barely shaded a different tent.. with luck and observations one can hopefully match the color tents to the backdrop... if everything goes smoothly. You place the colored saran wrap over each photo without flaw it should stick smoothly. Giving the photos a color tent matching the backdrop. Then clear coat the entire canvas with. Well um spray on clear coat. Let it dry and bam...

    Aggressive but I do things weird anyway lol.

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    I like it very much. I want to learn more things about "Canvas Art".

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    my first time to learn something about Canvas Art. Thanks for sharing

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    If one is truly an art lover and an artist by heart, I think it will be easy for a person to create his own canvas art. There are a lot of ideas and style an artist can unleash his own creativity. Despite of that, it is better to come out a unique one.

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