Wii Skin Protector
Manufacturer: Unknown
Site: Buy from Brando
Price: $18.00

Overview : This Wii Skin Protector has a Professional design and precise mould, particularly protect every where of Wii airframe. Prevent dust and scratch. It adpots PET compound technology, high transparent not leave remnant and not corrupt the surface of unit airframe. Tree layer design, protect the user layer effectively and not effect the appearance of Wii. Safety and credibility, can protect your products effectively.

Features :
  • Includes 13 pieces of protector and a soft cotton in each pack
  • 99% Transparency
  • Scratch and Dust Prevention
  • Tailor made for Wii. Custom Fit

Quality/Usability : Following the heels of DecalGirl Skin for the Wii, 3rd party companies are starting to release protective skins for the Wii. Although this does the same thing what DecalGirl skins do, this protective skin has 13 pieces to apply!

I dont know if there was a need to have 13 pieces but it does make installation a little easier as you put piece by piece rather then having to align everything perfectly. Applying the skin is similar to the procedure as that of DecalGirl skin.

Removing the skin is fairly easy and does not leave any sticky residue. The skin does a great job of protecting the Wii from scratches, dust and fingerprints. Only problem is that since its clear, if you get a piece of hair or dirt between the skin and Wii, it will be noticeable.

The protective skin does a great job of covering every part of the Wii except the back and bottom. It also includes a cotton cloth to wipe down the Wii before applying the skin and a soft card. What this soft card does is allow you to smooth out the skin and eliminate any air bubbles that might be stuck. To me, its a bit small considering you have big areas to cover such as the side of the Wii. But it does come in handy for those small and tight areas.

Conclusion : Overall, the Wii Skin Protector is a nice product and does what its intended to do. Since its clear, those who are a perfectionist or anal, better make sure they are in a clean room or make sure they clean the Wii real well before applying the skin and fast. Once a piece of hair or dirt is stuck inbetween the Wii and skin, it may be a pain to remove. The skin protector is a bit pricey at $18. For that price, it should include a skin for wii remote, nunchuk and/or classic controller.

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