I Shall Remain's Dev team reveled a new gameplay demo and has been shooting out free copies of their current build to gamers who spread word of their new Greenlight page.

Their gameplay footage shows off some recent additions including doctrine shopping, building barrier defenses and fire team assaults. This video is one of several the developers will be releasing over the next week in order to increase exposure of their game's Steam Greenlight page. The footage is pulled from the game's survival map.

Youtube Link to new ISR Gameplay footage:
Link to ISR's Greenlight page:http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfile...s/?id=97402535

Since last week, web-savy gamers that want a current of build the game have been receiving download keys. Keys, which will be sent out for another 2 weeks, are given to those who have started a conversation about I Shall Remain's Greenlight page in a blog, on social media or their favorite forum. Anyone who is interested in helping need only send a screenshot of their post to[email protected]. So far, dozens of gamers have posted content across the web in several languages.

I Shall Remain's producer Jacob Way is sure of the correlation between the game's steady climb to the top 100 list and the player-driven marketing. "There has been this fantastic shotgun of emails from helpful players. It's very encouraging for us as Indie Developers. It's well worth it for us to send a thank-you to those who are using their free time to support us,” Way said.

I Shall Remain is an action RPG that gives you the responsibility of a US Marine Raider who has awoken in a zombie infested world. The list of game features listed on the game’s Greenlight page is immense. It touts a complex in-game economy, fire team creation and management, a powerful story, and a magnificent game map full of unique, explorable buildings to list a few.

I Shall Remain was created by Jacob Way, a Marine veteran out of Hawaii in memory of Cpl. Craig Hodges Jr. from Orlando Florida. It has a current build and free demo available on Desura. Jacob Way is available for interviews and happy to send out exclusive ISR content to gaming websites.