Otherwind is actively seeking investors through the Kickstarter program for its new Social RPG.

Otherwind is currently seeking crowd funding for its new social role-playing game (RPG), Guild Masters. The company has already invested $55,000 and is now seeking an additional $8,000 to support the developers for a further two months as they bring the project to completion. Investors will receive game currency in direct relation to the amount of their pledge, along with a host of other benefits.

The company is working through Kickstarter.com to raise funds through pledges from individuals interested in participating in this revolutionary RPG. The creators feel the new game will stand out from the strong competition on the social gaming market.

Guild Masters is like a breath of fresh air in the social gaming market compared with all those cloned games out there,” says creator Alex Martin. “We are developing a totally new type of game with new concepts, which emphasize the social aspect of the game over the game mechanic itself. From the beginning, we wanted to bring new ideas and creativity to the social games market.

The four major guilds of Guild Masters represent the professions or character classes available in most RPGs: the Guild of Fighters, the Guild of Scouts, the Guild of Priests and the Guild of Wizards. As a player, you choose your guild at the beginning of the game, which you enter as an apprentice. The goal is to move up in the ranks by learning from your master –chosen among players of the same guild, – developing the skills of your profession, gaining experience that will enhance your character, and gathering followers –other players from your guild who choose you as a master. – Your followers help you to develop new research skills and spells, increase your power, and give you the political strength necessary to move forward and climb through the ranks to become the Guild Master.

Players can also complete quests for treasure and magic items; quests can be pursued alone or in groups of up to six other players who share the risks and rewards. Venturing outside the safety of the city to pursue a quest is dangerous, laying you open to attack from other groups; however, you can also pursue and ambush others.
The game is currently in the final stages of development and simply needs some additional funding to get it launched. Investors can choose pledges of any amount but benefits are $#@!ulative so that larger pledges offer rewards that include such benefits as game equipment for your character, and insignia on your Guild Master profile, identifying you as a benefactor - both available for a $50 pledge.

Closing date for pledges is October 21, 2012 at 10:39 pm Eastern Time. The project will be funded if the minimum goal of $8,000 has been reached by this time. Should the minimum goal be exceeded, the company will use the extra funds to support further development, employing extra illustrators or purchasing Facebook ads to attract more first-time players.

Otherwind keep all fans updated on Facebook at the Guild Masters fan-page, where the game has attracted more than 8,300 fans, and at the forums which they manage at their website.