eFusion MMOG GmbH, an European publisher of massively multi-player online games, has confirmed today its firm intention to keep its initial milestone for the launch of Dragon Nest Europe at the end of this year.

All works related to the localization - 4 different language versions will be available at the launch of Dragon Nest in Europe - are being finalized. The official web site for the first closed beta is under construction for opening, as expected, in late October.

Dragon Nest Europe's official teaser site (www.dragonnest.eu), minimalist but rich in informational content, continues to make a good splash since its opening on August 30th of this year among European players who already experienced Dragon Nest, especially in its South-East Asian version. Opened together with the teaser site, Dragon Nest Europe's Facebook page is also becoming very dynamic thanks to active fans participating in events that offer some exceptional gifts to users.
"We are very delighted that we meet every day on Dragon Nest Europe's Facebook page European players who all get excited to play Dragon Nest on an authentic European server," said Michael Lim, Managing Director of eFusion MMOG. "We will continue to communicate with our players through Facebook page to give them informations on the progress of the launch of Dragon Nest in Europe." eFusion MMOG is also committed to hold a new event every fortnight on Facebook to sustain users' expectation on the launch of Dragon Nest Europe and to reward its most active fans with prizes.

Dragon Nest is a free-to-play 3D action RPG developed by Eyedentity Games. Its dynamic action oriented game-play and high quality graphics make this game clearly different from other RPGs and enabled it to become one of the most popular action RPGs in North America and Asian countries. The European version is planned to be launched and serviced by eFusion MMOG at the end of 2012.