Wastelands Interactive has further established themselves as a dedicated leader in customer service with the announcement of the upcoming FREE DLC pack for Strategic War in Europe.

The new DLC, labeled Strategic War in Europe: 1945 is adds several features to the game, but primarily focuses on a new Post-War 1945 'What-If' scenario between the Allies and USSR with other minor communist countries joining the fight.

Features Include:

Post War 1945 'What-If' Scenario
New Campaign that spans three years of gameplay
Nuclear Weapons
Monthly Turns
Focused Land Battles between Red & White Star
Dozens of Choices designed to push the 'What-If' situation on this war front.

Will Allies be able to achieve what Napoleon once did? The conquering of Moscow? Will the Reds be able to reach the Atlantic coast?

Will Patton beat Zhukov's? Will Stalin rule all of Europe?

Wargame Developer mastermind Leszek Lisowski, founder of Wastelands Interactive explains the free DLC further:

"Since Strategic War in Europe is focused directly on the World War 2 era only, we wanted to give players the possibility to play further past the war with a post-war era scenario. This is what our free 1945 DLC is all about; exploring that What-If scenario and seeing what would happen if USA decided to liberate all of Eastern Europe. We believe this free DLC will provide a unique experience for all strategy and wargame fans alike, and we're excited about bringing it free of cost to our current and future customers of Strategic War in Europe."

The free DLC has no announced release date yet and will require a copy ofStrategic War in Europe to player.

Strategic War in Europe is available on GameStop, GamersGate andDesura for $14.99.