If you like TAPPING and PANICKING and SHEEP and EXPLOSIONS… ... you'll love Shepherd – Mars Needs Sheep!

Protect your flock from evil carnivorous aliens intent on stealing them for...whatever nefarious activity they have planned!

Armed with an ever growing arsenal of irresponsibly overpowered military-grade weapons, only you can stand between the alien armada and your flock of helpless, parachute equipped sheep.


*Classic fast-paced, old-school arcade action.
*Random level generation - never the same game twice!
*Game Center achievements and online high scores
*Endless power up system rewarding skill with increased killing capability.
*Skill-based multiplier system adding rewarding depth to the scoring.
*Multiple enemy types, each posing a different threat to your herd.
*Destructible terrain conceals additional power ups and bonuses.
*Main game and score attack modes to compete against your friend's scores.
*Devastating smart bombs for when things get too much.
*Simple and easy to use control system.
*Listen to the great built in soundtrack, or play your own music to the action.
We've also completely updated the game to look, sound and play better than ever! Check out all the cool new stuff and polish we've made for you...
*Total art update – Cuter aliens! Slicker upgrade screens! More cartoony backgrounds!
*Auto-camera – Now play the game without using tilt! More casual, more fun!
*Tighter gameplay – go from calm to panic in less than a minute!
*Gun overheat mechanic – deepens gameplay and encourages smart chaining
*Cooler sound effects – you’re gonna love our robot lady announcing your enormous chains
*New music! – we’ve made a banging new tune for championship mode

On top of all that red hot, arcadey shooting gallery goodness... to celebrate our milestone 1000 downloads of our game 'Frutorious', we've made Shepherd – Mars Needs Sheep FREE FOR A WEEK!

So grab it while it's hot – it'll be back to the incredibly reasonable Tier 1 price this Sunday.

Download Shepherd – Mars Needs Sheep! here:http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/sheph...440987743?mt=8