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    Default PS Vita FTP Tool

    This weekend the developer The Z (The Zett) a release FTP client for Ps Vita and VHBL. installation: - Works with VHBL 1.67 to 1.80. Works on Monster Hunter - Download OpenCMA - Place the folder ULES of the archive in the folder "PSAVEDATA" on the PC (C: \ Users \ NAME \ Documents \ PS Vita \ PSAVEDATA \ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) - Connect PC to Vita and started Content Manager on the Vita - Select "connect to PC" and "PC to Vita" and scroll down - Select backup DBZ: Tenkaichi Tag Team - Start VHBL and install the zip - Navigate the menu to SAVEDATA and HBL Click or round cross on it - The HBL will ask to install the homebrew, answer yes - The homebrew is installed and can be launched from the GAME folder, if all went well, a new sub-folder with your homebrew was created here. You can only access the PSP memory stick, but it's still better than having to connect with CMA to transfer homebrew PSP.

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