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Command and Conquer PS1 Review

Every day im going to review a game, none will be massive reviews as im not a journalist im just a gamer, the reviews will be from the retro days right up to todays games, most of the best games transcend time. If you would like to write reviews of games you play then please post them in our User Submitted Review forum, ill then add a few screenshots etc and post them on DCEmu Games Reviews.

Having played this on PC many years ago i decided to tackle Command and Conquer the original version all over again, the graphics are dated now and the game is quite slow but saying that sometimes you need it to because to win the game you need more strategy than in todays RTS games. Because i was playing on the PSP i found the game hard at first to get on with the controls but after a while grew to the stage where i was very competent. The game lasted me nearly 2 and a half months slowly progressing through the levels.

In the game you start off with basic weopens and get new ones each level so the learning curve is awesome, i am a player who likes to defend first and then hit them on the counter attack, so for me a slower game plays to my strengths. If you havent played the game before then either on PS1 or PSP/PS3 via the PSN Store why not give it a try, def worth the money despite the outdated graphics.

If i was to give it a score out of 100 it would be a decent 88/100.

Anyone got a comment please reply and let me know