Hacker collective to act on November 5th, unless Zynga drops plans to cut staff

Hacking group Anonymous has threatened to attack Zynga following the social gaming company announcing a spate of layoffs.
Zynga has proposed to close several of its worldwide operations, including its Boston and Austin offices, following its quarterly earning call last week.

Now the hacker collective Anonymous has threatened to released “confidential” documents and copies of Zynga games taken from the social games company, unless it abandons plans to layoff 800 jobs and outsources it development to Bangalore, India, according to te hacker group's website.
Anonymous has given Zynga a deadline of November 5th to respond before they carry out their offensive, which has been titled #OP MaZynga.
A video posted on anonnews.org – the news site for the organisation – details, in broken English, what Anonymous sees as the “end of the US game market as we know it as all this jobs will be replaced in other more convenient financial countries.” (The video has since been pulled by YouTube for depicting “harmful activities”.)