Hey all, for the past week I've been working off and on (about 4 hours total, learning LUA included) FF8s Triple Triad Clone for the PSP. Much of it coded already including some the game mechanics.. I look at it and feel that maybe Im not going about coding it correctly. Anyone familiar with LUA that can give me advice would be awesome! Kinda looking for direction on how to code it like what would be the best way to handle all the cards. If I could at least figure out how to use a comma delimited text file to handle all the card info and how to load that into string arrays.. that would be a tremendous help. As always with anything I do... recognition is always given... or if you wanna work on it as a team Im down for that too. BTW here are the specs:

- All cards available
- Original rules
- Only 1 game mode for now
- human vs human (same PSP), 5 cards chosen randomly, blind (you cannot see other players hand)

* Once I get to grips more with programming in LUA I plan on featuring at least half a dozen play modes, profiles, adhoc support, and maybe AI for human vs computer. If things go super well then a dedicated server for infrastructure online play, card shop, mini games/quests to collect extremely rare cards, maybe even new ones based on FF that never made it into the ff8 version.