Crytek president Cevat Yerli has said during an interview that a Timesplitters HD collection may be viable if a petition can attract 300,000 signatures.
Speaking to Game Informer, Yerli noted the existence of a Timesplitters HD petition and said the support attracted so far was not convincing. "If the petition picks up it will be an even better argument for us," he said.A fan of Timesplitters 2, Yerli said he'd like to see the series given a HD facelift, but admitted as a business decision it would be "difficult".
"There's a very hardcore market that is very verbal about it. I would love to see this, and if the fan base approves a further petition. They're trying to call 300,000 voices, I think it's at two or three thousand right now. If they could get the petition together I would be very happy to put [it] in front of decision makers in the company, the key stakeholders, and say 'Look here. This is how it is, let's make it now.'"
At the time of writing, the petition has attracted 25,048 signatures. Take part here.