New builds from the Nintendo DS emulator for PC.

These builds are to be considered work-in-progress builds and do not represent any official releases. These builds are compiled using Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 with all optimizations enabled and buffer overrun checks disabled. Use of these builds is at your own risk and are provided for intended use by testers only. If you do not feel comfortable with test software on your computer, please do not use these WIP builds. Report all bugs to the official DeSmuME forums linked from the official page. Please do not ask when new WIP builds will be available or when XX game will be supported.

January 27, 2007 Build
- Compiled without SSE2 Extensions (negligible difference)
- Slight CPU fixes
- Includes Save State support (Requires zlib1.dll - see below)

January 26, 2007 Build
- Initial WIP Release
- Changes from 0.5.0:
- Various ARM CPU fixes
- Preliminary WiFi support
- Various Graphical Fixes
- Window Stretching (1x-4x)
- Optimizations to Improve Speed

- Required for all builds January 27 and later

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