Online gaming engine introduces numerous features with updated version

Tech company Idea Fabrik has made live its new game development platform HeroEngine 2.
Designed to create online games, the new version of the engine offers access to Idea Fabrik's servers, and has be tailored to appeal more to indie developers by adding features not present in the original engine.

“We are very excited about the new features and expanded tools available in HeroEngine 2” said Alex Shalash, Idea Fabrik co-founder and chairman. “The release of HeroEngine 2 proves our continued commitment to empowering any game developer to create - faster and easier than ever before - powerful online games across all genres.”
HeroEngine 2 is designed to streamline the development process, and allows studios to create and update projects in real-time.
"We are providing development tools without restrictions, code crunching and time constraints; games can now be designed with fun and creativity at heart," explained Shalash. "HeroEngine is levelling the playing field and opening game development to everyone."