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Thread: Sony reveals Pro/Pro-HG Memory Stick at CES

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    psp Sony reveals Pro/Pro-HG Memory Stick at CES

    Over at Arena Nikkei BPnet, they posted some pictures of Sony's booth during CES 2007, which shows a roadmap and plans for the Memory Stick Pro Duo.

    click image to enlarge

    As you can see if you click on the image, at the very end above 2009, there is a 32 gigabytes of Memory Stick.

    There is also a 16GB Pro Duo scheduled for next year. Mind you, all products being shown are ideas and concepts. They may or may not be released. Sony/Sandisk Pro-HG series should be in production this year. The Pro-HG format is a high-density storage option for their Sony devices.

    Source: Arena Nikkei BPnet
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    A 32GB memory stick would be absolute ace (if one is made, of course).

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    Yeah I would definitely buy one. Maybe I'd get into the
    pops station then. Man and I'd have so much space for music and homebrew. Frig this will be so sweet if they make this. But I don't know how interested I will be in the scene in two years. :S

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