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Thread: FrodoDS - Test Build Released 06/02/07 - Commodore 64 Emulator for DS

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    NDS FrodoDS - Test Build Released 06/02/07 - Commodore 64 Emulator for DS

    GPF has released a new version of his Commodore64 emulator for the Nintendo DS, heres what he says:

    well been working on getting the existing code moved to latest toolchain and libnds release.

    Eventually it will have the ability to switch disk, right now I am kind of need some ideas on how best to do it, from a user standpoint. If I have some ideas I can start looking into the coding part

    Well here is my latest version thats using the dldi patching code now, so hopefully will be able to work on most hardware now.

    attached is an nds file that just needs to be dldi patched and copy that and the /rd directory to your media and put your d64 files and you can also place a snapshot created from the pc version and call it jjr.fss and that is loaded from the left trigger. right trigger still does a load"*",8,1 and then run

    Please give me feedback compared to previous releases.


    Download and Give Feedback at the Release Thread in GPFs Forum here at DCEmu

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    He has released a new test version FrodoDS20707(post 37), the first couple versions may have been a bit broken but this one isn't.
    He needs testing and feedback.

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