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Thread: CATSFC v1.13 - Snes Emulator for Supercard DSTwo

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    Default CATSFC v1.13 - Snes Emulator for Supercard DSTwo

    Nebuleon has released a new version of CATSFC, the DSTwo exclusive Super Nintendo emulator.

    Third-party contribution to the project is accepted and welcome; interested parties should visit the github page at

    Change log (v1.13):

    * Secret of Mana menu text (narrower tiles) are now readable.
    * Reimplemented NDSSFC Display Mode 4 as an anti-aliased whole-screen mode. Performance-wise this is not really a problem, because most SNES screens have big rectangles of the same colour and black pixels, and there's a speed hack for those.

    New description text for Display Mode 4 is also present in English and French. To get it, update at least CATSFC/system/language.msg on your card.

    Download attached

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