Garage Games looking for $500,000 to fund 3 Step Studio suite of tools and templates

A new development tool that aims to bring “game design to everyone” has been launched on Kickstarter in a $500,000 crowdfunding campaign.
Developed by Torque 3D engine creator Garage Games, 3 Step Studio is a suite of tools and templates designed to make game creation available to developers of all levels.

The middleware is targeted at game enthusiasts, artists and designers, and will include free-genre specific templates and tools to help developers create and distribute games on iOS, Windows and Mac platforms.
Users will be able to select a template, customise game play and art and then release their title, with the basic tools and templates set to be free to use should the middleware hit its crowdfunding target.
As well as basic tools, advanced features and additional content will be available through micro-transactions. Templates readily available to start development from at launch will include physics launcher, tower defence and blackjack-style gameplay. Future templates planned include platformers and RPGs.