Acclaim has clashed the ancient gong and opened the door to its martial arts MMO 9Dragons, inviting players around the world to high-kick their way into the beta test phase of the game.

We chopstick-wielding Europeans will also be treated to a new server for the service, after our old one abruptly fell-down-went-boom. It will reside in the US for the time being, but we'll be treated to a full Euro-time game master team to answer our Kung-fu related questions.

We'll also be able to get our hands double experience points until tomorrow morning at 07:59, at which time the offer runs out.

"We want to welcome all of the European 9Dragons players to Acclaim," said Acclaim CEO Howard Marks. "Our community is excited to have you join us, and we look forward to offering you 9Dragons as a free-to-play game."

9Dragons, developed by Indy21, is a free to play MMO for PC, which is set in Ming Dynasty China. You'll be able to chose between one of six martial-art clans, along with three advanced factions that will be run by players rather than computer controlled characters.

via eurogamer