Penguin United Component Cable
Manufacturer: Penguin United
Site: Buy from Penguin United
Price: $9.49

Overview : Wii component video cable enables 480P (progressive) video display resolution between the Wii console and your Television. This is the highest video display resolution currently supported by the Wii console and it makes a HUGE difference on your HDTV. The cable includes five connectors, three for video and two for stereo audio. Penguin United believes in providing our customers with more reasonably priced cables at the exact same quality as what our competitors offer. We are confident that we offer the BEST price for the quality currently available on the market.

Features :
  • The enclosed Wii component cable is to be used for Nintendo Wii console only and is not compatible with any other devices.
  • Please ensure your TV can accept component video input connections-they are usually marked Y, Pb, Pr and are colored green, blue, and red.
  • The use of this cable will allow games to be displayed in 480p progressive mode (if supported by the game).
  • Please refer to the game instruction booklet and the settings selection of the Wii operation manual for details on setup procedures.
  • Please see your TV owners’ manual for information on connecting a component video cable.
  • Cable length 6ft/1.8m

Quality/Usability : (excerpt from our Wii Component Review)
With Nintendo own Official component cables being sold out and hard to find, 3rd party manufacturers are releasing their own.

Those who have high-definition TV sets must and I mean MUST get component cables for all their home consoles. If you have a high-def TV and still using composite cables, why even own a high-def TV in the first place?!

Component cables make a huge difference when it comes to graphics, details and color. The quality of these component cables are great. They're definitely better than composite cables that came with the Nintendo Wii console. Unfortunatley, since I couldnt get my hands on Nintendo's component cable, I can't compare.

The cables themselves look generic and normal third party cables. But once you plug them in, gameplay is a whole new experience. As a matter of fact they look almost identical to the Wii Component Review). I noticed that the quality was slightly better than composite. Images werent as blurry and colors were better. Texture of images were cleaner but you'll see some jaggies.

The length of the cable is pretty long measuring 6 feet. But it wouldnt matter how long considering your Wii is probably in close proximity of your TV set.

Conclusion : Overall, the Penguin United Component Cable looks identical to the Wii Component Cable both in cosmetic and display. I didnt see much of a difference between the two. The price factor is about $5.00. If you're looking for a spare or like to travel from place to place often, it would be a good idea to purchase a component cable and leave one at that destination so you dont have to carry it back and forth.

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