Over at Amazon.com they have a Sega Genesis console with an amazing 80 Games built in, it features most of the best games ever released for the system and it available for a bit under $58 --> http://www.amazon.com/AtGames-Genesi.../dp/B0094H8H7I

NickyP has posted a review of the console, here it is in full:

Not to be confused with this blue piece of crap. I bought that as well a few years back ($10 at Walgreens), and while it does work, it's... a piece of crap.

Anyways. Aside from the still-horrendous sound quality that all of AtGames' clone systems suffer, this Genesis console is actually decent.

The build quality on the controllers are surprisingly durable, much like what the original 6-button Genesis controllers feel like. Unfortunately, the controllers are wireless and are a pain to operate. First off, the battery compartment is screwed shut; with one of those extremely tiny screws that you need a special screwdriver for. After you remove the screws, you'll note that the battery lid is really hard to remove, which makes you wonder why the hell it needed a screw to begin with. Insert two AAA batteries, and you're ready to go. The problem is the IR port is really small and is short-distanced. You have to sit within a 6-foot radius of the console for the controller to work. Also, unless the IR port is actually facing the console, it won't recognize your input whatsoever. Which means, you have to hold the controller in a somewhat unnatural position for it to work; flat out. Maybe this is how you guys play in general, but I know I don't; it took time for me to adjust. Thankfully, you can plug in official wired Genesis controllers, so it's no big deal. In my case, all of my Genesis controllers are broken, so I'm stuck with the included wireless ones.

There's also a cartridge slot, which is one of the main reasons I bought this thing. In addition to the 80 games that are included (40 Genesis games, 40 no-name crap games), you can play your own cartridges. The video emulation is about 90% accurate, at least when comparing it to Picodrive on my PSP. For the most part, everything looks the way it should... though I think Eternal Champions is a little off. As for the sound? It's a few octaves lower than it should be, so almost all games sound like ass*. On the bright side, the 40 Genesis games are a solid library. You get all Sonic (except 3), Golden Axe, and Ecco games, and other good games like Comix Zone. The box also comes with a Genesis cartridge that includes 10 more no-name crap games. I never played them, but it's very interesting; the cartridge casing is akin to the Japanese MegaDrive games, and not American Genesis cartridges. I haven't tried it, but I'd wager that this console could probably play import games. Something worth keeping in mind, maybe?

All in all, it's alright. I bought it mainly for novelty, but sound issues aside, it's a well-rounded package. If you find it on sale for maybe $25 or so, you might want to pick it up. Not that I regret shelling out $40 for it, of course. Just sayin'.

Anyone else have this thing?

*Funny enough, I think I prefer the lower pitched version of the middle boss theme from Sonic & Knuckles. It sounds more menacing! Maybe that's just me...

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