Reports indicate that Nvidia is close to unveiling its latest flagship GPU unit, known as the Geforce GTX Titan.
Currently, the firm's GTX 690 card holds the title as the world's fastest graphics unit, but circulating rumours indicate that Nvidia isn't waiting for new architecture to release an update GPU.
Listings from a number of European retailers (which have all since been removed) all point towards a new flagship card, packing 2,688 shader units, a 384-bit memory bus and 6GB of dedicated RAM all within a single chip.
In comparison, Nvidia's current flagship card, the GTX 690, requires two chips in order to offer 3,072 shader units and just 4GB of RAM.
Whilst there has yet to be any formal announcement of the card known only as the GTX Titan both ASUS and EVGA are rumoured to be launching theta own editions of the card as early as next week.
As for pricing, initial listings of the rumoured card indicate it could cost in excess of $1,000 so prospective buyers can expect to pay out heavily for that boost in game performance.