Joining Sega in the unlikely trend of video game-themed Japanese laptops, Capcom is looking to release a Mega Man special edition Ultrabook PC. And, like Capcom tends to do for Mega Man projects, it's polling fans to find the best design. As this inscrutable practice takes off, we feel the need to document it.

A poll is up for the Ultrabook, with users allowed to vote once per day to select whether a generic "Rockman" design, tiled Dr. Wily and Robot Masters (the correct choice), overwrought NES box art-style Mega Man, or a pile of various Rolls will emblazon the laptop.

So if you want to spend a few minutes voting on the look of a computer you very likely won't be able to buy, and probably shouldn't sweet Mega Man art is not the recommended metric for choosing a computer you're free to do so