Blizzard has revealed that it is to showcase a new title at this year's Penny Arcade Expo.
Typically, the publisher is known for keeping its cards close to its when it comes to showcasing new games; so when the firm teases a new launch, it's relatively big news.
"We've been working on a little something, different from our other games, and we're pleased to invite you to be the first to see it," said Blizzard in a statement sent out to press.
Speculation over what exactly the firm responsible for MMO giant World of Warcraft is set to unveil, with many eyeing the launch as a potential successor to the highly-acclaimed franchise or even the long-teased title, known only as Titan.
However, Blizzard move to brush off this rumours, stating: "It's not a sequel, expansion or that rumoured next-gen MMO, but it's something we're excited for you to get your hands on."
Whilst it's unlikely to hear any more until Blizzard takes the stage at PAX East on March 22nd, another hotly rumoured title is Blizzard All-Stars; a multiplayer online battle arena game.
The game was initially revealed at Blizzcon in 2010, which at the times was nothing more than a custom map for Blizzard's RTS smash-hit StarCraft II. However, the game moved into full development shortly after and a website for the title hints it is "coming soonish".