PC versions of triple-A releases still tend to get less love than the console SKUs, but profit still awaits those who properly plan a PC release.
That’s according to Capcom, which told True PC Gamingthat developing the PC version of DmC: Devil May Cry was not only stress-free, but also a financially viable move.
“If you do your job right on the console side you can generally develop a PC version quite reasonably from both a budget and production logistics standpoint,” Capcom America’s senior producer Alex Jones stated.
“We had the advantage of using a top notch PC development house which makes life infinitely easier. As of the reason: since we knew we would only be running the console version at 30fps and that many super hardcore DMC players would insist on 60fps the only option for fulfilling that desire would be a PC version.”
Of course, the other thing to remember about the PC market is that much of it is hidden. While on the face of it the PC versions of games such as Crysis 3 command only a tiny portion of the market share (according to ChartTrack numbers), their digital sales are likely very strong.
And the good news for PC gamers is that with the next-gen consoles sporting increasingly PC-like architectures, releasing PC SKUs is liable to be cheaper than ever for publishers going forwards.