Brits accumulate more hours online than our European neighbours despite flagging web speeds, a study by Ofcom has found.
The UK regulator found that 81 per cent of Brits log-on at least once per week, beating the likes of Germany, Spain, France and Italy.
But whilst more Britons access the web that any of our European counterparts, the country still struggles to compete when it comes to speed online.
The study, which looked at 65 per cent of British homes, found the country to have only the third fastest connection speeds in Europe behind both Spain and Germany, but still beating out France and Italy.
However, Ofcom's survey failed to take into consideration wider European countries, many of which boast faster speeds than the UK.
The findings will provide plenty of work for the coalition government, which plans to work with infrastructure partners including BT in order to provide the UK with the fastest speeds in Europe by 2015.
Interestingly, despite the lacklustre speeds, UK web users are able to benefit from some of the cheapest broadband services in comparison with other countries on the continent.