PopCap's Plants vs. Zombies the first Western title to debut on company's app store.
Cross-platform games specialist Antix Labs provides companies with a tool that allows gamers to transport their gameplay across devices, continuing play from phone, tablet, and TV, as they see fit.
Having debuted the Antix Game Player (AGP) in Indonesia back in October, the firm now announces PT MLW Telecom-owned OEM SpeedUp is the latest regional business to employ use of the games solution to enhance the SpeedUp Studio app store.
The AGP will be preloaded on new SpeedUp tablets, the Pad Pro and Pad Ice, thus allowing owners to play and share titles across their phones, TVs, set-top boxes and beyond. What's more, Popcap's Plants vs. Zombies is confirmed as the first Western game to launch on the revamped platform.
Rahmad Sakti, director product and marketing at SpeedUp, said: "The Indonesian telecommunication networks, like many in Southeast Asia, are faced with structural challenges, making them neither consistently fast enough nor reliable enough to meet the insatiable demands of consumers to discover and download games.
"The Antix Game Player relieves the frustration caused by these challenges, making every coffee shop meeting between friends into an opportunity to get new games. No other service or technology on the planet provides this level of integration across devices. While other companies continue to struggle with fragmentation and network dependencies, SpeedUp and Antix together are delivering the
right solution at exactly the right time."

Francis Charig, founder, Antix, said: "Comprehensive game services in growth and emerging markets must take into account local infrastructure and behavioural issues to satisfy the local demographic and their service providers.
"SpeedUp is opening up channels for western content into the world’s fourth most populous nation and is providing the first iteration of Plants vs. Zombies using a freemium user payment model all running on the Antix Game Player and service. By having this integrated with operator billing, SpeedUp has taken the Indonesian game market forward dramatically so I think this will be seen as a significant development by those looking to address growth and emerging economies."