During last year's Kickstarter campaign for Shadownrun Returns, developer Harebrained Schemes was dutiful in noting that every pledge level included a DRM-free version of the game. While that technically remains true, Harebrained Schemes has recently announced a slight caveat: All post-Berlin Campaign DLC will have DRM, and will require Steam.

It shakes out like this: Backers will receive both a DRM-free version and the Steam version of Shadowrun Returns (which does have DRM) when the game launches in June. Additionally, anyone who pledged enough to receive the game's Berlin Campaign DLC will also be given permanent access to both versions. After that, however, all DLC will be distributed exclusively through Steam, DRM in tow.

"The reason is that our license to develop Shadowrun Returns actually requires that the game and its DLC be distributed under DRM," a Kickstarter update on the situation reads. "This didn't come up earlier because the situation was complicated by the number of parties involved in the license and because the process was 'ongoing.'"

"Ultimately," it continues, "we were able to successfully negotiate an exception with Microsoft for us to provide our Backers with a DRM-free version of the Kickstarter rewards (specifically the game and the Berlin Campaign) but that exception does not extend to non-reward DLC. So unfortunately, we cannot sell or give away DRM-free versions of the game or DLC on stores like GoG, and that's why any future Shadowrun Returns DLC will only be available for purchase on Steam."

A table posted by Harebrained Schemes, illustrating the specific differences between the Steam and DRM-free versions of the game, has been embeddedafter the break.