SimCity players are now able to purchase and download the game's first expansion DLC, titled 'Amusement Park'.
Developer Maxis has marked the release with a six-minute-long 'overview' video, which not only offers a good look at the new content, but also shares developer tips and strategies for maximizing profits from your park."The Amusement Park is a tourist attraction similar to casinos and landmarks, however the way in which you use the Amusement Park is very different," explains Maxis.
"Your city earns money from the Amusement Park by having guests either go on rides or purchase goods from concession stands. Unlike landmarks and casinos, where you're paid by the amount of guests you have in your attraction, you'll need to actually get your park guests to rides and concessions stands in the most efficient way possible. So what does that mean? It means you're really going to need to pay attention to the layout of your park in order to maximize profits."