Valve has announced that it has paid out $10 million to Team Fortress 2 content contributors, by way of the Steam Workshop item contribution program.It works like this: Player and fans of Team Fortress 2 work to design and submit new items. If approved by Valve, the items are put up for sale in the Team Fortress 2 store. Once purchased, Valve takes a percentage of the revenue, and gives the rest to those who created the items in the first place. It’s unclear what that cut is exactly.Valve has paid “close to” $250,000 to the sixty-plus people who created the recent Robotic Boogaloo update.The developer has also pushed out a new tool that makes it easier to test whether or not player creations are ready to be submitted to Valve. If the creations past the test, they get a gold star, indicating they’ve passed the test. The next Team Fortress 2 update will entirely consist of gold star items.