Microsoft is reportedly set to launch a Surface 2 later this year, which will feature a new Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor and Windows 8.1.
A report by Bloomberg indicates that the amongst the Surface 2's features will be a new Snapdragon 800 processor, replacing the Nvidia Tegra chip used in the original Surface.
It is understood that Microsoft is making the switch to Qualcomm in order to benefit from the chip's LTE support as Redmond looks to incorporate 4G mobile internet into its device.
However, Bloomberg's report also highlights that Nvidia will still provide the processor for another Surface 2 device a device that could potentially become a new Surface Pro.
Meanwhile, it is widely expected that a new generation Surface device will also include a build of Windows 8.1 RT which will see the likes of Outlook appear on the tablet, in addition to multiple interface and Internet Explorer improvements.