After numerous delays and broken promises, Team Cyclops has FINALLY released their CycloWiz DVD Upgrade. In order to perform the upgrade, you will need to install a switch. Download file, tutorials as well as a list of sellers and installers can all be found in our CycloWiz / WiiKey / Wiinja / WiiD Seller/Installer List and Open Source Wii Modchip thread. Below is a link to a video of the DVD upgrade.

Yes, the upgrade is real and is now online in the download section! We weren't able to complete D2B tests in time to meet the deadline, but a D2B compatible version will follow shortly.

A special version of GCOS was also added thanks to emu_kidid. It allows you to run GC Multi Game discs and thanks to is fully compatible with old Viper format.

Now that Team Cyclops has released the DVD Upgrade, we at DCEmu Reviews, will bring you a complete review of the CycloWiz in the coming weeks, unlike some sites who have reviewed even before all features and functionality were available.

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More information from Team Cyclops regarding upgrade switch...

We got quite a few emails asking for information on what switch to use. Any toggle switch should do the job, as well as push buttons that don't need to be held. A switch will be included with CycloWiz in the next batch, so you won't need to buy one separately!

Here are a few remarks regarding the upgrade:
  • If you turn off your console during the welcome screen or switch test screens, make sure it is in deep sleep mode for at lest 10 seconds, it won't recognise discs until you do it. If you have any doubts, unplug the console for 10 seconds.
  • If you get stuck in a Programming - Verifying loop for more than 10 cycles, it is likely that there is an installation problem with the S wire. You have to turn off the console to fix this, but make sure you never turn it off before trying at least a dozen cycles. We got two reports of this behaviour and it was fixed both times.
  • Make sure the switch pads are not in contact with any metal part of the Wii, including shielding. If there is such a short circuit, the fuse next to the X point can blow and drive won't spin or eject anymore until you fix the fuse.