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Thread: Game cans midnight PS3 launch over safety concerns

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    ps3 Game cans midnight PS3 launch over safety concerns

    via Computer and Video Games

    Game has dropped its plans to open at midnight on Thursday for the UK launch of PS3 following the Metropolitan Police's concerns over safety. And we think they're right, to be honest. It's a lot of machine to go walking around London with in the dark.

    Instead the store will open at 7am on launch day, making sure there's plenty of public transport to go around so you don't have to walk the streets looking for a bandit cab or all-night bus clutching a massive PlayStation bag.

    Game will invite the first 150 gamers who have pre-ordered PS3 to the store at 7am to be greeted with bacon butties, pastries and coffee. The store will open at 9am for all other customers.

    Game MD Anna Macario said, "The launch of the PS3 is a big deal to our customers. We are managing the launch so it is safe for them, and the only thing they have to concentrate on is securing their new console."

    The official PS3 launch is still planned to go ahead at the Virgin Megastore, just down the road from Game at midnight. We'll be there, watching your back.

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    is it really police concerns? i thought it was because both HMV and GAME didn't have enough pre-orders to make it worth their while

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