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Thread: Review: Nextronics Wii Wireless Sensor Bar

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    Rev Review: Nextronics Wii Wireless Sensor Bar

    Nextronics Wii Wireless Sensor Bar
    Manufacturer: Nextronics
    Site: Buy from Nextronics
    Price: $19.00

    Overview : Talk about a great range! The Nextronics wireless sensor bar has been reviewed by IGN, and found to have a range of up to 30 ft! This small and stylish sensor bar is only 9 inches long, and 1/2 inch tall which makes it even smaller than Nintendo's own sensor bar. Nextronics sensor bar needs no connection to the Wii, and includes an AC adapter, and battery pack for multiple power options.

    30 ft range should be considered maximum possible range, adjust sensitivity settings in Wii menu to optimize range.

    Quality/Usability : With the release of the Nintendo Wii, there have been a lot of requests for accessories such as controller gloves, rechargeable battery packs and even wireless sensor bars.

    The first wireless sensor bar to released was's Wireless Sensor Bar, followed by Nyko's Wireless Sensor Bar, and now Nextronics' Wireless Sensor Bar. Sure you can use IR ports from your TV remotes, candles or Christmas lights, but its not the same.

    People have complained of the original sensor bar that came with the Wii being way too long and that is why companies are jumping on the bandwagon of wireless sensor bars.

    There is no packaging for the Nextronics Wireless Sensor Bar. It came wrapped in bubble wrap. Its like a hybrid of the garage built's and Nyko's put into one. In the package was the wireless sensor bar, battery pack and AC adapter.

    You read that right, you can either use AC adapter or 3 AA batteries! The sensor bar is slightly shorter then the official Nintendo sensor bar. There is double sided sticky tape placed on the bottom of the sensor bar. Does anyone even use the double sided sticky tape?

    Unlike the other wireless sensor bars, Nextronics is the first to use an AC adapter to power the wireless sensor bar. With the included AC adapter, you wont have to worry about the sensor bar dying out on you while you're playing an intense game. In addition to the AC adapter, as mentioned above, you can also use 3 AA batteries via battery pack. There is a screw on the battery pack to keep the cover closed. The battery pack is then connected to the cable that is attached to the sensor bar. The cable on the sensor bar is approximately 6 inches long as well as on the battery pack.

    During testing, running on the sensor bar on batteries were pretty strong. It tracked every movement accurately and even during gameplay up to 20 feet (may have gone further). Since there is no warning of when the batteries are dying on the sensor bar, you'll have to go by the hand cursor or during gameplay. You'll either have no control or the hand cursor will start to flicker.

    Battery life is pretty decent lasting about 15-20 hours or so on 3 AA batteries. I suggest using rechargeable batteries but is kind of awkward only having to use 3 batteries. Why couldnt it have been 2 or 4 batteries? Some rechargeable kits require 2 batteries at the same time to charge so having to charge 3rd battery wont be possible. Luckily, the battery pack has an ON/OFF switch.

    Conclusion : Overall, the Nextronics Wii Wireless Sensor Bar is a pretty good product. The ability to either use 3 AA batteries or AC adapter is a great thing to have. Although it doesnt look professionally built from a manufacturer, it looks close enough. Only drawback is no way of telling if the battery is near dead and if you have an LCD or plasma TV, using the battery can be trouble some. There is no place to put it on top of the monitor unless you put it at the bottom. The weight of the battery pack will just drag the sensor bar with it. They could of also left out the screw but it looks as if someone built this out of their garage by purchasing the required parts and building it themselves. But it damn looks good and works as well!

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    This looks interesting, I was thinking of buying the Nyko senor bar but in the end i got the 4Gamers wireless sensor bar from here
    It works great and is cheaper than the Nyko one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bandit View Post
    People have complained of the original sensor bar that came with the Wii being way too long

    Ive heard crazy reasons to justify a product before but that takes the cake.

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