Nintendo of America raised its voice in support of efforts by the U.S. Trade Representative to pursue formal consultations with China regarding enforcement of international copyright laws. Nintendo has always been one of the most persistent voices in the industry about the dangerous impact of piracy. In the past four years, 7.7 million counterfeit videogame products were seized from more than 300 factories across China. In 2006 alone, the estimated loss incurred by Nintendo and its subsidiaries due to piracy was $762 million.

China has cemented itself as the foremost producer and exporter of pirated Nintendo products, as well as having the largest domestic consumption. There have been substantial efforts on the part of the Chinese government to curb this problem, but even so there has only been one criminal prosecution of a piracy case. Many production sites have gotten away with only the most limited of punishments, and were able to resume operation immediately after products were seized.

"Nintendo will continue to work with the U.S. government while aggressively pursuing counterfeit Nintendo products in China," says Jodi Daugherty, Nintendo of America's senior director of anti-piracy. "We're pleased the U.S. government is pushing China to comply with its trade commitments in an effort to protect the lifeblood of the copyright and trademark industries."

Source: IGN