Trion Worlds changes tacks as MMO aspects of game fail to wow testers

Trion World's troubled End of Nations has come out of hiding, but the new alpha test is a very different game than that of a few months ago.
End of Nations has been under a shroud since last December, when the project was pulled from its original studio – Petroglyph.

Originally an MMO boasting a blend of several genres, End of Nations is now firmly placed in the same category as League of Legends, Defense of the Ancients, and Heroes of Newerth.
“We just nudged - well maybe shoved - it more in that direction and focused in on the core aspects of the game that were proving the most fun for people playing it," executive producer Scot Lane told Shacknews.
"We let the gameplay drive us naturally rather than making decisions and changing what felt 'right' in order to fit it in the MMO pigeon hole.”