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Thread: Fenix Tutorials And 9 New Fenix Test Releases

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    The GP32 Scene and the Dreamcast Scene survive these days because of the excelent fan base and coders that release many great games etc and one of the best releases this year has been the port of Fenix to the GP32 and Dreamcast, well now wannabee coders are taking up the challenge themselves and today GP32Extreme have posted a great WIP Tutorial on how to get started with Fenix.[br][br]Today also sees the release of 9 Fenix games for testing in the Official English Dreamcast Fenix Forum and finally ive adapted Ataris Blambastic Port for the Dreamcast over to the GP32, check it out Here

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    the tutorial is not complete, hes releasing it chapter by chapter, but its seems to really walk you through it. i have a experince with VB and action script so i think i will have a we crack at this as it seem not very hard too set it up

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